CoffyHuys Lintong Raja Batak

250 grams for €6.49, from Het Coffy-Huys.
Ground with Encore, Brewed with aeropress
2020, Jul 14

If you ever visit Enkhuizen be sure to check out Het Coffy-Huys on the Westerstraat 92. It is a very cute little coffee store at the heart of the city center. Het Coffy Huys has a great variety of coffeebeans, tea's and chocolates, as well as coffeerelated items such as chemexes, mocha kettles, teapots and even coffee machines. As we are buying more different kinds of coffee we were in search of something special, and ordered 250 grams of the Lintong Raja Batak. It was advertised, as seen in the picture above, as "Biologisch" (biological), "Kruidig" (spicy) and "Pittig", which is a dutch word that is hard to translate, but means "fierce" or "strong" in this context.

As much as we love the store and the people working there, we did not like this coffee that much. We found it very hard to brew a coffee with it that is not too strong and bitter. I did not really experience a lot of spice tones in the coffee, it tasted mostly strong and bitter and has a bit of a flat character. We'll have to come back and taste a different bean because I'm sure there they have something we do like!

update: after a week of trying out the Lintong Raja Batak coffee, we found a little shorter extraction time in the aeropress produces a much more pleasant brew. I've updated the score from 5 to 6, for it is still not our favorite coffee but it does produce an ok drink.