Snoffeecob Gear Reviews

Nanofoamer button mod for lighter press

After receiving my nanofoamer may 2021 I found, like many other early nanofoamers, that the switch/button is very hard to keep pressed down…

1 minute read

Flair Espresso - Preheat Tricks

One of the challenging parts of manual esspresso making without electronics is heat management. For a proper extraction, it is absolutely…

2 minute read

Bialetti Venus (6 cup Moka Pot)

While waiting for the Flair Espresso Maker to arrive and hearing about the Moka Pot as a favorite brewing method from a friend one, I…

41.95, from Kookplus.

3 minute read

Baratza Encore Stepless Mod for Espresso

In preparation of our upcoming espresso adventures we need a grinder capable of grinding fine grounds for espresso. While our Baratza Encore…

3 minute read

Baratza Encore coffee grinder

In june 2020 we finally made an upgrade to our coffee gear (consisting mostly of the aeropress set I discussed in the aeropress blog. After…

85.00, from Marktplaats.

1 minute read

Aeropress Classic

So this is where it all started. When my wife and I got married on December 13th 2013 one of our wedding gifts was the aeropress classic. We…

1 minute read