Eureka Mignon Single Dose Mod for Specialita, Perfetto & Silenzio

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2022, Feb 24

I love the Eureka Mignon Perfetto. It's such a pretty, fast, silent and capable grinder that is great for both espresso and other brews like v60.

The only things the Eureka Mignon series don't do well are low retention and single dosing. Fortunately, the wonderful world of internet communities, worldwide shipping and 3d printing have found an answer.

the modification

The solution consists of three simple parts:

  • A 3d printed single dosing hopper that replaces the stock eureka hopper
  • A 3d printed "tamper" that fits inside the hopper and on top of your single dosed beans to avoid popcorning.
  • A bellows that fits snugly over the single dose mod and allows you to push out the retained grinds after each single dose


Yes. The looks of this mod have raised some eyebrows from both family and friends, but it works so darn well that I'm never taking the mod off ever again. I also have to say I've also gotten quite used to how it looks now and I don't mention it anymore.


As I've been using the baratza encore as single dose grinder before, the actual single dosing part of the workflow wasn't that different. The hatch in the stock hopper is pretty finnicky to use and you have to time the closing of the hatch with the last beans going down, which isn't as peaceful as putting the tamper on top of your beans before switching the grinder on.

You can make the pushing of the bellows after grinding as dramatic as you like. It might make you feel very self-concious and might degrade your otherwise zen like grinding experience, but then you'd have to move into a category of far more expensive zero retention grinders that might also be hard to come by (I'm looking at you zero niche!)

retention reduction

In our home we switch between v60 and espresso grinds all the time. The bellows works wonders to push the last grinds out. I wouldn't say there is zero retention, there's always a gram to couple grams that still get stuck, but it saves so much coffee it is definitely worth it. Even if I would only grind for espresso in a Specialita, I'd still like it if I wasn't using old grounds from the previous grind in my cup.

3d printing

As for the printing, I was lucky enough to find a local neighbour that had access to a 3d printer. The filament printing material required was a little under 1 euro and the print took about 6 hours. If you don't know someone with a 3d printer you could probably also order this to get printed somewhere online, just make sure you read up on the different filaments used for food safe 3d printing.


Cleaning wise I use a toothbrush and cold water to frequently clean the 3d printed parts and bellows. I might re-print the mod sometime when it starts to wear too much. Whilst cleaning the grinder itself I found far less residue when using the bellows, so this might even help avoiding built up coffee parts inside the grinders internals.


I would love to hear your experiences with this mod, feel free to comment below or ask any questions if you have them!