Costadoro Arabica Master Club Coffee 2021

250 grams for €7.95, from Koffie-loods.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signature
2021, Apr 01

This is an interesting bag of beans, for I didn't choose to buy these beans myself. Whilst ordering my Eureka Perfetto Grinder I was contacted by the staff of koffie-loods that the color I ordered was not in stock and they could supply me with an alternative, throwing in a bag of beans for good measure. And so, this bag of 100% arabica beans arrived at the snoffeecob headquarters.

I probably wouldn't have bought these beans myself. I'd be scared by the vacuum closed bag reminding me of supermarket beans for prelonged storage. And even though my bias was confirmed as the shots didn't produce that much crema, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these beans. Even though it's an espresso blend the roast is lighter than I'd expect from these type of beans. Whilst handling, grinding and extracting these beans were very forgiving, I got a very good flow on the first try, and didn't pull one bad shot for the whole bag. Perfect exactions, no channeling: very consistent.

Taste wise the Costadoro produce well balanced, round and easy to drink espresso's. As said before, they have not got that much crema and aren't as thick and syrupy as I have tasted elsewhere but the sweet arrival and aftertaste more than make up for it. I enjoyed it as an espresso but it would also make a great base for a milk drink.