Koffie Van Hoorn Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 2022

250 grams for €6.95, from Koffie Van Hoorn.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2
2022, Jul 09

Koffie Van Hoorn's Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is a simple yet satisfying coffee that's perfect for those who appreciate a straightforward fruity taste. Initially, we experimented with a finer grind setting (0.5) and ended up with a tasty shot, but it lacked some texture. After adjusting the grind to 1, the coffee revealed its true character: fresh, syrupy, and delightfully fruity. It's a no-fuss coffee that doesn't require a PhD in flavor analysis to appreciate.

Dialing in the perfect flow at 0.8, we found the sweet spot that highlights the fruity notes of this Yirgacheffe. While it may not be the most complex coffee on the block, it certainly delivers a consistent and enjoyable experience.