Man Met Bril El Rosario Blend El Salvador 2022


250 grams for €10.50, from Man Met Bril.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2
2022, Aug 13

This natural processed coffee by Man Met Bril offers a very fresh and creamy experience, with a smooth texture and delightful notes of tangerine. It's hands down the fruitiest coffee we've had in quite some time. The finish of El Rosario is long and thick, revealing the darker tones of the coffee in a truly pleasant way.

What's impressive is that these beans maintain their deliciousness for an extended period, never losing their charm. Since my upgrade in proper heating method of our Pro 2, we've been able to achieve slightly shorter brew times and still keeping out the sourness. Even the last couple of beans in the bag delivered solid taste and crema.

El Rosario is a flavor bomb that's a delight to brew, both for espresso and V60. No bad shots were made, and for its versatility we will reward it a Cobtastic Mark, ensuring we will return to El Rosario in the future!