Screaming Beans Rwanda Cyangugu Liza Washing Station


250 grams for €10.50, from Screaming Beans Amsterdam.
Ground with Encore, Brewed with aeropress
2020, Nov 03

While strolling through Amsterdam during the lockdown to visit the office my company recently moved into, we were looking forward to tasting some proper hipster Amsterdam espresso. We desperately want to get into the espresso game after having our very first sip of proper espresso, and we are looking to get as much tasting experience as possible.

And we were not disappointed. We were very kindly helped out with espresso, a pourover coffee and these beans to go. The espresso was really good, very gooey, tasteful and perfectly balanced. For the beans we opted for the Rwanda Cyangugu beans for filtercoffee. My wife got the V60 variant of these beans, to see how they made it and see if we could get similar results back home with our aeropress back home.

It is a very light roast and has some very clean, clear flavors. I got some surprising notes I hadn't smelled before, with rooibos and tomato being the most funny ones.

Can't wait to try out some of their espresso beans for our upcoming espresso reviews!