Stooker Aguas Negras 2023

250 grams for €16.25, from Stooker.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2
2023, Mar 02

By golly, these beans are expensive. Stooker Aguas Negras is a coffee that surprised us with its need for such a fine grind, despite being roasted for filter. At a 1.0 grind setting, the flow was fast, but the resulting espresso was still enjoyable. We believe that a finer grind would improve the mouthfeel, as the coffee was too watery at this setting.

The complex notes of this coffee are hiding, waiting to be discovered with the right adjustments, we found the V60 to bring out even more qualities in these beans. Definitely a good roast, but 16,25 per 250grams is a bit much for my liking.