TheGodShot - Huila Colombia 2023


250 grams for €12.34, from The God Shot.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2
2023, Apr 11

During the Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2023, I had the pleasure to finally meet and greet Dany and Sara from The God Shot (BE) in person, after interacting with them a bunch through the Brew with Flair Facebook group. It was lovely to see them both representing the manual espresso maker community at the event, showcasing all the pretty Flair and Subminimal products to a wide audience of coffee fans.

I asked if they also brought bags of beans to take home, and boy they did! This bag was actually roasted using the Stronghold roaster from their booth, right there on the coffee festival event floor. The bag was filled with their Huila beans from Colombia. This Anaerobic natural bean was a delightful surprise, offering an exotic journey of flavors.

The coffee was far less acidic than I anticipated, especially considering it's a heavily macerated coffee. The initial notes of apple and lemon were intriguing, but the real magic happened when I adjusted my Perfetto to 0.75. This yielded an even smoother drink with an improved flow, unveiling exotic tastes like pineapple that I hadn't noticed before.

Interestingly, the beans seemed to improve with age. Once we hit the two-week mark after the roast date, the quality of the shots seemed to ascend to a new level. The taste became even smoother, and the flow more consistent. Would recommend, and looking forward to re-tasting this "cobtastic" bean in the future!