Wakuli New Origin Family Mendez El Salvador

225 grams for €6.30, from Wakuli.
Ground with Encore, Brewed with aeropress
2020, Aug 14

Wakuli is a subscription based coffeebean service from the Netherlands. We are quite surprised with the great experience we had while subscribing and receiving a fresh delivery of new, unique beans complete with backstory every couple of weeks. This first batch we got is the New Origin Family Mendez from El Salvador. A medium light roast that produced a nice round cup of coffee. The cholocate tones were noticeable for sure, it is also clear that the beans are real fresh. The tasting note "pickle" was quite distinct, just after grinding. It's funny how freshly ground coffee can sometimes smell so distinctly. I will keep the subscription going and will be posting more of following tastes in the upcoming months. If you want to test out wakuli yourself, be sure use my referral for an extra bag at the first order!