Cafe de Origen Bio Espresso

500 grams for €6.95, from Wereldwinkel.
Ground with Encore, Brewed with aeropress
2020, Sep 02

Got these CerroAzulFood Fair Trade Coffee / Cafe de Origen beans as an experiment with the fairtrade brand. It is a blend of Beans from Peru, Honduras and Ethiopia, roasted by Neuteboom coffeeroasters.

It is quite a big bag of beans. Without a roast date it is hard to tell how long these beans have been resting on the shelf. Our suspicions were confirmed, the coffee felt a bit bland, stale and old.

An interesting note is that we were able to get a more balanced cup of coffee using our aeropress after the first cups that were too sour for our tastes. By grinding a lot finer and brewing longer we achieved higher extraction and lost some of the sourness. I wrote a separate blog "the barista coffee compass" to find out how to improve your next brew!