Boot Panamaria Boquete de Panama


250 grams for €7.50, from Franzen Purmerend.
Ground with Encore, Brewed with aeropress
2020, Sep 12

Oh my! This is one of the good ones. During a mild "we've run out of beans" panic at the snoffeecob HQ a google maps search to nearby bean shops helped us discover Franzen, right here in Purmerend. Turns out they don't only cell cigars and whine but also have a nice variety of coffeemachines and beans.

After hopping on the bike for a short cycle I met with the store owner that was able to give me some good advice on the beans I was looking for. The details of my inquiry: lightly roasted specialty coffee that works great with pourover / aeropress. He pointed me towards the beans roasted by Boot, and especially to the Panamaria beans from Panama.

And what a great recommendation it was. The first 9 out of 10 on the snoffeecob blog, these beans produced a very well balanced cup of coffee. Fruity with clear fresh and slightly sour tones that give a great depth to the taste. It was also a great confirmation of our taste towards lightly roasted beans, even though I'm very curious what would happen once we start making espresso's.

For me, as a bean-beginner (beanginner?) an interesting footnote on the label was the description of the "variety" of the beans. Even though the beans are 100% arabica, the following type of varieties are present in this blend: typica, caturra, cutuai and washed.

While looking up what this meant, I figured out I should probably do a separate writeup on varieties, because it is quite an interesting topic. . The first big findings were that different varieties yield specific results at different altitudes and have more or less resistance to plant-disease.

Without digressing too far, we are really glad we've found a bean shop close by and will definitely come back to try out other types of Boot beans, for this is one of our new favorites for sure!

"Boot Panamaria: mild, met een volle romige smaak, creamy sweet citrus, spicy" "Chocolade, kruidig, sinaasappel, romig."