Wakuli Zombo Uganda

225 grams for €6.30, from Wakuli.
Ground with Encore, Brewed with aeropress
2020, Sep 20

This months Wakuli is a bean from Zombo, in the west of Uganda near the Congo border. As told in the backstory by Wakuli last year, this variety of beans is called "peaberry". This means only one of the seeds in the coffeeplant is fertilized, resulting in an oval shaped bean. The biggest difference in taste should come from the different roasting characteristics of these oval shaped beans.

To be honest, we had a hard time really distinguishing this special flavour. From our point of view, the beans produced a decent cup of coffee, but it was far less exciting than what we have tasted before. Some of the tones we could discover were earth, bread, some bitters and oak. We didn't get the acidic notes that much, even though it was a very light roast.

One thing that was very peculiar was that that these beans produced far more foam on top of our aeropress when pouring the hot water over. A little research into this foam shows that this foam is actually not the same as espresso crema. Espresso crema can only appear under pressures of 9 bar, so the foam we've been seeing while pouring hot water on the freshly roasted beans must be something else. It might actually be more of a bloom than a crema? We'll have to figure that out later.

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