Boot Colombia Kachalu Organic 2022

250 grams for €7.99, from Franzen Purmerend.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair PRO 2
2022, Jul 01

Today I was on a mission: buy coffee in store from a local vendor that was suitable for V60. Unfortunately I did not succeed in my mission, but I did succeed in discovering one of the smoothest espresso shots I've yet produced.

Even though this is one of the lightest roasts of Boot (with an "intensity" of just 2 beans out of 5), the V60 that Mrs. Snoffeecob brewed with these beans was still too intense. Full disclosure: the fact that we are expecting our second little snoffeecob and pregnancy increases sensory experience might as well be the cause of the V60 experience.

The shots I pulled are consistently velvety and extremely smooth. I started with the PRO 2's portafilter filled to the brim with 20g's of coffee ground at 0,5. Nice flow, golden crema. Not a sight of sourness. Almond, caramel, milk, cream, cookiedough. Very nice rich finish, almost no bitters.

I'd would highly recommend this coffee one to anyone starting out with espresso, It's almost like a stronger V60, in an espresso form!