Franzen Zimbabwe 2022

250 grams for €6.95, from Franzen Purmerend.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair PRO 2
2022, Jun 25

Snoffeecob is always up for a challenge. This time I was challenged by Franzen to try out the Zimbabwe coffee. This is one of the lightest / fruitiest espresso roasts carried by Franzen and was described as "not being the easiest bean to work with" by other customers.

I have to say, it was indeed a challenge. For V60 this roast was definitely still too strong. The beans smelled quite funky straight from the bag, as if these were macerated. All bias aside, the proof is in the pudding: and in this case in the espresso. At Perfetto's 0,5 I got a perfect flowing stream of espresso into my cup. It is quite a smooth drink, not that complex but very easy on the tongue, far easier than I anticipated. We got some nice nutty, hazelnutty tastes with a hint of cane sugar. Like with cheese, this bean proves we should not only focus on initial smell alone!