Boot Panamaria Boquete de Panama 2021 retaste


250 grams for €7.50, from Franzen Purmerend.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signature
2021, Mar 22

The Boots Panamaria is still one of our favorite beans. We always come back to buying a bag of these, not only because we can buy them in a local store but also because it is such a versatile and forgiving bean. They work great in aeropress and V60, and the grind range for both these brewmethods is quite large.

Using the eureka grinder my shot at 2,0 was a bit fast, but the result was still very much enjoyable. At 1,5 I extracted a perfect shot using the flair and experienced the wonderful fruit wood and toffee tastes we have grown to like.

The espresso shot always has a nice thick layer of crema and the finish of the drink is long and complex, reminding me of chocolate and pastries. Still a big thumbs up in 2021!