Wakuli Amahoro Kinazi Rwanda 2021

225 grams for €6.30, from Wakuli.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signaturev60
2021, Mar 20

We were blessed with two bags of Amahoro Kinazi thanks to use of our referral link, which brought us twice the enjoyment for this unwashed light roasted coffee from the ever-so-thoughtful Wakuli team.

Let's start off with the way this bean was meant to be used: ground to a medium size grain and carefully leveled, welled, bloomed and gracefully, patiently poured into the V60 filter receptical. The Amahora Kinazi from Rwanda produced a very pleasant, light and smooth cup of coffee.

It really did work wonders with the V60 method. It has quite an exotic tastes, we nosed flowers, grapes, nice sweet smells of ricecakes. We even found some anice and aftereigh mint chocolate in there, a truly complex and interesting cup, even for a non espresso V60.

We did try to get some espresso from these beans as well, but getting a proper extraction proved to be really hard and resulted in a similar but far more tangy drink. I guess we've gotten used to deeper darker espresso's now, which most certainly doesn't keep us from enjoying the freshness and exotic flavours in a V60 brew.

If you want to try Wakuli yourself, make sure to use The snoffeecob Wakuli referral link! so we both get an extra bag of coffee!