Drupa Limu Ethiopia 2022

250 grams for €10.50, from Drupa Amsterdam.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signaturev60
2022, Feb 27

Just discovered this wonderful small cafe and roaster "Drupa" near the company office! On my day off I decided to give them a visit with the family and try some of their beans. Had a lovely conversation with the owner and we enjoyed a fine V60 and espresso brew on the spot. We took a couple of bags home, so stay on the lookout for their Colombia and Peru beans as well.

I really like the ergonomics of these bags, they pour beans without spilling very well. The roasts are real fresh, I would've loved a roast date on the bag to emphasize that trait, and jog my memory after a couple of days.

The brew of these beans is very soft and delicate. Velvety even. Never drank "natural" beans that tasted so sweet, usually they produce far more funky / citrussy shots. I could distinguish a hint of peach,and some hazelnut in the finish. The V60 we got from these beans was great, even softer and more delicate than the espresso.

Even the "failed" first shot while dialing in, that was ground too fine (at perfetto's 0,5) delivered a tasty shot. Because of the slow flow rate, I turned the espresso into a ristretto (1:1 coffee to water ratio) .

At Perfetto's 1,25 I achieved perfect flow rate and enjoyed only perfect, floral scented shots. Only point of feedback might be the high price (10,50 in the physical store) but it is clear that you get great quality in return.