Eerlijke Boontjes - Pura Vida Costa Rica 2022

250 grams for €8.95, from Eerlijke Boontjes.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2
2022, Sep 02

After being approached by Linda from Eerlijke Boontjes on Instagram when they were just starting out, we couldn't resist buying some of these beans and giving them try. Surprisingly, these beans are some of the heaviest we've ever encountered – 18g fills the portafilter to the brim, making for easy tamping and a mess-free brewing.

The Pura Vida offers us a darker espresso taste without being overly bitter. Its mouthfeel is less creamy and a little more watery, with fresh acidic tones like lime and a fruity touch. The finish is short and reminiscent of a classic cup of black coffee.

After a couple of weeks, pulling a good shot became slightly more challenging, which might be related to the cardboard bag. However, we experimented with using 20g of beans instead of 18g and found it to be a pleasant experience. With a grinder setting of 0.5, we achieved the best flow.