Jaunty Goat - Kagamuga Papua New Guinea 2022


250 grams , from Jaunty Goat.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2V60
2022, Sep 17

Lets jump straight in: Jaunty Beans' Kagamuga Papua New Guinea gets Cobtastic mark, and we'll tell you why. This natural processed coffee offers a unique flavor profile that's both fruity and funky. When brewed using a V60, the beans reveal their natural funk and a candy-like aroma, with a fruity taste and hardly any bitterness.

As an espresso, the Kagamuga shines at a 0.25 grind setting. The big beans and fluffy grounds make it easy to work with, resulting in an even extraction and a surprisingly sweet taste. The coffee is refreshing, smooth, and silky, featuring notes of apricot, banana, date, and milk chocolate. By adjusting the grind to an even finer setting of 0.0, we were able to release even more sweetness, bringing out hints of salty caramel chocolate.

Jaunty Beans' Kagamuga Papua New Guinea was an awesome gift by a fellow snoffeecob that brought it over all the way from the UK. We'll defeinitely need to visit that roaster for a sip on our next trip!