Rebel Beans Fazenda Serrinha Brazil 2022

250 grams for €11.50, from Rebel Beans.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2
2022, Sep 28

Rebel Beans' Fazenda Serrinha Brazil is a coffee that offers a darker drink with a blend of sweet and bitter tones. At a 0.0 grind setting, we experienced a mild choke during the pull, still resulting in flavors of marzipan, grapefruit, and bread. Adjusting the grind to 0.5 resulted in a better flow, but the taste became slightly watery and dull, with little crema.

After some experimentation, we found the sweet spot at a 0.25 grind setting. This produced the first good shot, revealing sweet tones of apricot and a hint of caramel, along with the coffee's inherent bitter notes. While not our top choice as a standalone coffee, the Fazenda Serrinha Brazil beans worked well in blends, adding depth and complexity to other coffees.