Friedhats Ethiopia Filter 2023

    250 grams for €13.60, from Fuku Amsterdam.
    Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2
    2023, Aug 19

    We visited the Fuku cafe in Amsterdam for an emergency Sunday coffee-run. Imagine starting the next Monday without a brew from fresh beans! Great vibe, nice place to be and tasty pastries, it's highly recommended you give them a visit!

    We achieved perfect extraction at Perfetto 1.5 for espresso, yielding a cup that is sweet, soft, and sports a high clarity with fruity flavors. For the V60, we ground the beans with Perfetto at 10.5, resulting in a perfect brew time of 3 minutes. Remarkably, even cups brewed for 4 minutes maintained the bean's complex flavors profile.