Zwarte Roes Suke Quto 2023

250 grams for €11.00, from Zwarte Roes.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair PRO 2v60
2023, Aug 26

We were in the neighborhood of Hoorn and sent a message to Zwarte Roes to hear if it was ok to pick up a bag directly at their roastery. We were in luck! There was a full production run going on as we spoke. We got a chance to look inside: the machines, the drying process, the packaging. Thanks for having us Zwarte Roes and explaining the details to the whole family!

We got Ethiopian Natural beans. Ground with Perfetto at 1,0 was just a bit drippy, but very fruity, flowery flavors. High clarity, high acidity, but pretty pleasing. Hints of Apricot, peaches, lemon juice, kiwi, dates. Long lasting finish.

Perfect flow when dialed in at perfetto 1,25.