Neues Schwarz - Lisanne and Teddy Blend 2023

250 grams for €9.30, from Neues Schwarz Dortmund.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2v60
2023, Sep 10

No greater feeling than waking up in the weekend, having a lazy day home and get a surprise package in the door with two bags of beans to try out! This time all the way from Dortmund, where friends of the snoffeecobs live that wanted to share their favorite cup.

When grinding these beans Perfetto's 1,0 setting the flow was only slightly to fast. High clarity and pleasant acidity. Light and slightly thin mouthfeel. Notes of Sweets, lemon drop, lemon. On that particularly uncaffeinated morning I made the correction the wrong way around (ground even finer at 0,8), and created the slowest cup of ristretto I've ever made. But lo and behold: still very tasty! Thick sweet, chocolate, date, banana, bringing out even more sweetness in the cup. At 1,7 it turned into a turbo shot, dialing in exactly wasn't easy but definitely worth the trouble. Not the easiest bean to work with but very suitable for slower, ristretto style drinks!

By the way, Mrs. Snoffeecob had no trouble at all grinding these beans for v60 and produced a pretty and light cup of filter coffee!