Neues Schwarz - Cruzeiro Brasil 2023

250 grams for €9.30, from Neues Schwarz Dortmund.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2v60
2023, Sep 14

Took a while to find the right grind for this one, it's quite hard to dial this one in! Started off with ristrettos at 1,0, which were surprisingly sweet, dense and flavorful. Flow was optimal at about Perfetto's 1,75, but then the cup lost some of it's signature sweetness.

When dialed in this bean turns into a classic Italian style coffee with a refreshing slight bitterness to it. I then tried to getting those real pulped natural flavors out of it by grinding a little finer. Balance and thickness of mouthfeel was better at 1,5, but I have to say it worked best as a ristretto: 18g in 30g out!