Illy Arabica Intenso 2020

250 grams for €7.99, from Albert Heijn.
Ground with Encore, Brewed with aeropress
2020, Jun 06

Our first ever whole beans! Illy Arabica Intenso. I've got a feeling these beans are intended for creating espresso, and maybe they are less suitable for aeropress. Still, it's a very strong and heavy taste, a lot heavier than coffees I've experienced before.

Interesting note here, while researching the origin of these beans I found out it is actually a blend, which is why it doesn't have the origin printed on the tin. I found that Illy's dark roast is a blend made of 9 pure arabica beans from Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil and India. Check out this NorthStarRoast blog giving an excellent explanation of coffee blends vs single origin coffees.