Screaming Beans Guji Ethiopia 2021

225 grams for €9.45, from Screaming Beans Amsterdam.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signature
2021, Dec 28

Next up in the Screaming Beans 2021 series is the Guji. A very nice bean to grind to, not too picky about the grind size for a good flow.

At 1,0 for the perfetto it had a perfect flow, fresh stripes, very fruity without acidity.

In comparison to the Cyangugu it is very clear this bag has got its fair share of natural beans in it.

It is not as complex as pure natural beans I've tasted before but sure brings a tropical funky mango flavour to the mix. Like!

p.s. Bonus picture: Another example of incidental latte art excellence created with a base shot of Guji!