Screaming Beans Rwanda Cyangugu Liza Washing Station 2021 (retaste)

225 grams for €9.45, from Screaming Beans Amsterdam.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signature
2021, Dec 25

I only just found out we already tasted the Cyangugu last year, which makes this blog into a retaste of the 2020 screaming beans cyangugu.

What is interesting is that we gave it a cobtastic mark, whilst only having tasted it with the encore grinder and aeropress brewing method.

No aeropress this time around. The bean needed to be ground quite finely to get a good flow! At 0,8 the espresso was surprisingly sweet, declicious thick crema, smooth arrival with hints of tropical fruit.

Very deep and blackberry like finish. Definitely still one of the greats!