TheGodShot Honduras Osman Rene Romero – 12h macerated natural

250 grams for €8.00, from The God Shot.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signatureaeropress
2021, Apr 29

Ah yes. The macerated coffee's. They are always something else. We are now experienced and know what we are getting into, but still it is quite a roller coaster every time we try out these kind of beans. Makes met think of natural wine: A great thrill with exceptional highs but also some lows.

Extracting the god shot from these beans was a nice challenge, the first runny shots already resulting in orangey herby flavours that were not unpleasant at all. Most interestingly, we got a very subtle long finish with changing characteristics, from earthy to very sweet.

When dialing in finer we got a little more refinement, a deeper taste with clearer orange, sweet tones like toffee and juicy tangerine and getting the first "funky" flavours. When we got to the sweet spot at Perfetto's super fine 0,9 setting we got the pinnacle of funky with some exotic pinenapple notes.

Even though we had some fun extracting espresso shots from this one, we found that a method like V60 produces a far more consistent and enjoyable experience.