Wakuli Asiast Guatamala 2021

225 grams for €5.50, from Wakuli.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with v60
2021, Aug 15

Alright, this bean must've been pretty good as it was finished before I could take a picture of the bag. Looking back at my notes, there is even no mention of an espresso, so it was probably exclusively used in the V60 of Mrs Snoffeecob!

For one of the V60's I've made myself, I set the Perfetto to 6,5 producing a smooth, strong drink with fruity flavors. Well balanced, medium to full body. Whilst writing this I'm a bit sorry I didn't get to try this one for an espresso, must've been a busy month!

If you want to try Wakuli yourself, make sure to use The snoffeecob Wakuli referral link! so we both get an extra bag of coffee!