Wakuli Blend January 2021

225 grams for €5.50, from Wakuli.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signature
2021, Feb 15

What is it with these beans? I have to grind them so coarse! But good things come those who persevere and dial in. I started at 0,5 with the Eureka Perfetto and ended at setting 2, I still have to get used to this grinder and figure out what it is that makes some beans work well at 2 and others at 0,5.

Anyway, the first shot that completely choked the flair still produced a couple of wonderfully sweet drops. This helped me get psyched for the perfect shot and made me worry less about re-prepping the basket four times. The third shot was still too finely ground but was already very tasty: sweet marzipan, a hint of seasalt. Just and extremely soft and accessible espresso that had no sourness or edge, just a very nice italian style smooth espresso.

I hit the sweet spot at Eureka setting 2. A perfect 1 minute shot time, along with 🐅 tiger strips and some bonus tastes of honey and grapes. From this bean on, I'm also switching my espresso timing to start from the moment I put pressure on the coffeemaker, instead of counting from the moment I pour water in. As it turns out, pouring water on top of the puck doesnt really pre-wet or saturate the puck at all, it is only when adding about 2 bars of pressure that you actually start the pre-wetting proces!

If you want to try Wakuli yourself, make sure to use The snoffeecob Wakuli referral link! so we both get an extra bag of coffee!