TheGodShot Arsosala Washed Ethiopia 2020

250 grams for €8.00, from The God Shot.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signatureaeropress
2021, Feb 13

The final roast of thegodshot taster package is the Ethiopia Arsosala Washed roast. To be honest, I'm afraid I've let this one sit one the shelf for too long and totally missed the window to really review it properly. In theory, 2 months after roasting should still get you a nice coffee but my barista skills were not good enough to get me a real good espresso. The AeroPress cup we brewed was ok, but I did not get the rich complex taste that this roast is known for.

For the espresso and flair it was hard to produce any crema whatsoever and getting some flatter tasting shots. I'm sure that even if the roast was fresh the Arsosala would not have matched up against last reviews excellent Karla Marlen Orellana but I guess I'll have to give this another shot another time.