Zwarte Roes Giraldo Colombia 2020

350 grams for €9.00, from Zwarte Roes.
Ground with Encore, Brewed with flair signatureaeropress
2021, Jan 16

The last bag of our Zwarte Roes tasting set is the Giraldo Colombia. The bar was set pretty high by the [./zwarteroes-fazenda-do-lobo-2020/] which we really loved, and proved to be hard to match. The Giraldo was a difficult bean to tame, I've tried many different settings but found it very hard to extract a proper espresso using the Flair Espresso maker from this one. The taste just wasnt that complete or complex, always had a tangy citrussy taste to it and just didn't feel that smooth.

A thing to note here that is working well for this roast is the surprising shift in development from the very sharp and tangy start to mellow broad and darker tones. As an added bonus, this coffee has a surprisingly long and deep aftertaste.

When we changed from espresso to aeropress it was a completely different game. The beans really work better for us there, producing a very balanced cup of coffee with deep tones and none of the sourness. Guess I'll stick with the Fazenda beans when I want to pull my next Zwarte Roes espresso!

It was a very fun experience tasting all of the different flavours from the Zwarte Roes roasting company. Concluding, I'd say that the variance in flavour was not that extreme, most of the beans were quite alike with the exception of the exceptional Fazendo roast.