Zwarte Roes Fazenda Do Lobo 2020


250 grams for €10.25, from Zwarte Roes.
Ground with Encore, Brewed with flair signature
2021, Jan 10

Bag 3 of 4 we got from Zwarte Roes is called Fazenda do Lobo, medium roasted beans from the Foresti Family in Brasil. And man, this one hits the spot just right. After the first two Zwarte Roes bags that were quite light and fruity, this bean produces a thick, syrupy creamy full espresso that is a joy to drink.

Even though these are not roasted dark, the extraction is a lot easier using the flair espresso maker. I stuck to quite a low ratio of 1:2 with 14g producing about 30 grams of liquid. Great looking tiger stripes 🐅 in the crema (which I suspect is because of the supreme freshness of these roasts) and such a smooth arrival with a complex and rich developing aftertaste.

We got a nice full body, not detecting any sourness. Loads of sweet tones like sugar, chocolate and even cookies, ripe fruit and even syrup / maple syrup like thickness.

By far the best of the three bags we've tasted so far, yielding the much-coveted cobtastic mark as a real recommendation from the snoffeecob community. Just one more bag (the giraldo colombia) to go in the set of Zwarte Roes!