Back to Black Peru

    200 grams for €8.11, from Back to Black.
    Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signature
    2022, May 15

    A little happy accident happened with Back to Black. As I was browsing for possible coffee subscriptions, I cancelled the ordering procedure, as I found the delivery costs a little too steep. A day later, I was surprised to find a bag of beans in the mail. Reached out to the support team and got a great response!

    For starters I love the detailed origin and roast specs that are supplied with these beans. It is always very helpful to calculate the resting time before brewing yourself, the 10 day resting advice is very welcome. A minor inconvenience with the packaging was that the plastic sealing strip tore off halfway through the bag, so I had to keep it airtight using a different container.

    These small beans from Peru definitely fall into the wonderfully funky category: the berries were macerated for 36 hours, which is a process that provides an exhilerating funky and exotic smell sensation on the first open of the bag.

    Brew wise I was spot on with the perfetto at 1,0, 30 second shot, some slight 🐅-striping. The tiger striping to me is always a good sign: I like textured drinks and enjoy the looks of contrast in the crema. Taste wise we get loads to explore: lemon, cinnamon, orange. Surprisingly citrussy but with full sweetness, only a hint of sourness. Such a distinguished flavour, there are even some spices in there.

    Much to explore here, even though I will not go for a subscription I will definitely return and try some of their other roasts.