Localroast No13 Blend (Brasil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Uganda)

250 grams for €7.75, from Localroast.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signature
2022, May 09

The last of LocalRoast's the taster pack is No13, the darker roast and maybe the odd one out, since it is a blend with 20% robusta beans. Amongst my fellow coffee snobs, robusta isn't that highly praised, mostly for its bitter flavor and high caffeine contents in comparison to arabica beans.

However, I must say these prejudices weren't that warranted in this case. I had to grind a little coarser, with perfetto at 1,0 and still had quite a slow shot. These beans produce a full bodied espresso with a lot of texture, just not as complex as the other beans from LocalRoast. Taste is very straight: dark pure chocolate, a hint of nuts and overall very light on sour content. Maybe a little less adventurous than lighter roasted beans, but definitely a good case for the illustrious robusta beans.