Wakuli Spring Special Timor Leste

225 grams for €6.30, from Wakuli.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signature
2022, May 25

Great marketing by Wakuli as usual! A very special offering with beans from Timor Leste, I didn't even know they grew coffee beans there. Very affordable special as well with a pricepoint at 6,30 euro. I also like the detail on the bag, with a nice special sticker, I look forward to seeing more of these appear through the newsletter.

Whilst dialing in, I found the (too) fast shot to be pretty good actually. As I recently found out by watching Lance Hedrick's video on turbo shots, I might have accidently pulled one using this technique that results in as-high, or even higher extraction yields as traditional 30 second shots.

The beans from Timor Leste prove to be very tasteful. Classic espresso taste, but with both bitters and more acidic tones. Ground at perfetto's 0,5, the flow rate was pure perfection. So smooth. It's not an easy bean, but very rewarding when dialed in. All around smooth taste, full and body, little grit.

As usual, the Wakuli product was very fresh, roasted on the day of shipping. I've been looking for alternatives but this keeps coming back as a unique perk of Wakuli: fresh roast for affordable, predictable prices. Keep them coming!

If you want to try Wakuli yourself, make sure to use The snoffeecob Wakuli referral link so we can both enjoy an extra bag of coffee!