Boot Panama Kotowa Honey 2022

    250 grams for €9.50, from Franzen Purmerend.
    Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair PRO 2
    2022, Jun 03

    These honey processed beans from Panama were marked limited edition, which is such great marketing trick: I simply cannot withstand the FOMO to taste other beans from one of our favorite coffee country Panama.

    As I will discuss in one of the next blogs this was the first bag of beans I used to brew with my brand new Flair PRO 2 brewhead. As will be written in that blog, the new workflow took some getting used to but the difference in extraction and taste between the signature and pro 2 is actually quite astounding to me!

    The shots I pulled varied a little, but were definitely on the side of intense: there are very deep dark tastes in there, in contrast to the fruity apricot, sweet toffee and a little hint of cinnamon. Grinding at Perfetto's 0,7 I got thick, rich and creamy crema. Definitely made me think of the awesome Panamaria beans that we praised so highly in earlier reviews!