Giraffe Original Blend Brasil 2022

350 grams for €11.50, from Giraffe.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2
2022, Jun 12

The Giraffe was the second bag of beans I've experienced with my new PRO 2 brew head. This upgrade might very well mess up my reference point, because the increase in extraction quality works its magic on any bean.

In this case, the giraffe beans from Brasil and Ethiopia produce a very sweet, pleasant brew. High in its fruity tones, and creamy, sweet bergamot. The V60 we brewed with this bag was classified as "tea-like coffee", which is a great compliment from an avid tea-drinking Mrs. Snoffeecob.

In addition to a new brew chamber, I also started experimenting with WDT, which has significant influence on flow rate. After fiddling for a while I got a nice flow at Perfetto's 0,0. Very distinguished tasteful light shots with a little texture, with hints of coconut, vanilla and cream toffee. The extra 100g (on top of our usual 250g) in the bag were turned into coffee before we knew it!