Giraffe Bombe Ethiopia 2023

    350 grams for €13.30, from Bobplaza.
    Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2
    2023, Dec 03

    Next up from giraffe their Bombe natural beans, roasted for filter. Labeled "Sweet blackberries, stone fruit, lavender" on the bag. Ground at Perfetto's 1,5 slightly too fast. Still, very fresh. Explosive fruit. Not sour at all, even with relatively fast shots. It's a tricky bean to fine-tune, needs to be ground quite finer than other giraffe beans. As with the Gedeb, we also lowered the dose in the recipe from 20g to 18g in, 50 out. Turns out as a nicely balanced drink, light crema. I know, I should be making filter coffee with this but it's too damn good to skip the espresso!