Giraffe Gedeb Ethiopia 2023

350 grams for €15.40, from Bobplaza.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2
2023, Nov 15

Hi Giraffe coffees, so nice to see you again! We visited Giraffe at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2023 and had a lovely conversation with Leslie from the Giraffe team who let us taste a range of their coffees. It was about time for us to dive a little deeper after tasting their original blend in 2022, when I just switched over to the Flair PRO 2.

So we ordered the sample pack from Bobplaza, an awesome collection of 4 different giraffe beans

giraffe taster pack

We start of with Gedeb Ethiopia. A washed bean, labeled "fris zoet zwarte kers bergamot amandel" in dutch. At Perfetto's 1,0 the brew was a little slow, much better at 1,5 better but still too long for my taste. When I deviated slightly from the recommended recipe (20g to 18g) and ground at 1,75 I got the perfect shot. Lovely tiger stripes. Deep sweet tones. Hints of chocolate, cane sugar, caramel, light fruit, cherries, apple pie, banana. Such a pleasure, can't wait to discover the other 3 bags of Giraffe!