Giraffe Kariru Kenia 2023

350 grams for €13.30, from Giraffe.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with Flair Pro 2
2023, Dec 09

This bag sports some huge beans! I searched my blog for "elephant" because I remember I stumbled upon these "elephant beans" once earlier. It was TheGodShot's Honduras Norma Iris Fiallos Macerated Natural. Quite a funky bean, of the maragog variety, also known as elephant beans. I guess these are the same variety, but couldn't verify that on their website.

A quite fast pull at Perfetto's 1,25, still slightly fast at 1. Very fruity, a little sour-y, kind of tomato-y actually, as presented on the label. Hints of saltyness and caramel, such a wonderful combination!