Square Mile Bookkissa Ethiopia 2021

30 grams 0, from Square Mile.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signature
2021, Jul 17

With our previous order of Square Mile Red Brick beans we got a little taster pack of Bookkissa. I have to be honest, this taster tasted even better than the Red Brick beans that we got a full bag of!

With Perfetto at 1,0, this bean produced a very smooth, fruity and exotic cup of espresso. It is a very light roast, it needed to be ground real fine but it did product a very nice full bodied drink.

Of course you mustn't look a gifted horse in the mouth, but I have some doubts on the 30g taster packet format though. 30g is just about enough for 1 espresso with a dose of 17, which made me a little nervous about hitting the sweet spot of my grinder without failure, as I wouldn't have a full 16 grams available for my next cup.