Stooker la Victoria Decaf Colombia 2021

    850 grams for €2.50, from Stooker.
    Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signature
    2021, Jul 18

    I'm truly impressed by the current state of decaf coffee beans. A friend of mine told me to give them a try, because a lot has happened in the past years. These beans from Stooker were pretty small and dark and had a bit musky nose when opening the bag.

    With Perfetto at 1,0, the first runny shot was a bit soury and might have been a little under extracted. I tried a couple more but didn't get the chocolate or caramels. What is most interesting to me was that I really didn't miss the cafeine in the drink itself.

    Drinking coffee without caffeine is very different than drinking beer without alcohol. With beer, it is really clear that the taste is altered to substitute the alcohol. The coffee drinking experience itself is very similar to beans with cafeine. Will definitely give decaf beans another shot (pun intended)!