Wakuli el Pinal Honduras 2021

225 grams for €5.50, from Wakuli.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signaturev60
2021, Jul 24

O. M. G. I can hear you thinking: where is the usual blog image of a bag of beans and the coffee equipment used to produce an espresso? Latte-what? What happened? Calm down, I'll explain.

As you are exploring espresso making, there comes a time where you just have to take a stab at frothing milk and pouring a latte. And as I did created one of my prettiest latte's with a shot of el Pinal beans, I just had to share this glorious picture to remind me what is actually possible with the Subminimal Nano Foamer

As for the shot coffee itself, this month of Wakuli was not my favorite. There was some fresh fruit, berries and usual freshness without the sourness, but the aftertaste a little too pungent and sharp. I experimented with the grind but I could get a fuller body out of this bean and the cups turned more watery than syrupy for my liking. But damn, everyone around me sure enjoyed their El Pinal latte's!

If you want to try Wakuli yourself, make sure to use The snoffeecob Wakuli referral link! so we both get an extra bag of coffee!