TheGodShot Cafeina Group Natural Brazil 2021

250 grams for €7.00, from The God Shot.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flairaeropress
2021, Feb 01

Next up in thegodshot taster package is the Cafeina Group Natural Brazil 2021. The Cafeina Group is a Womens Coffee Producer program, uniting a group of female plantation owners. After the exquisite and interesting taste of the Honduras Blanca Rosa Melgar this is a much more normal and straightforward roast of coffee.

This coffee worked a lot better as an espresso than the aeropress. The AeroPress brew was just a very simple cup of coffee. One thing that I noticed was that the bloom was quite light colored and not so big. This probably had to do with the lightness of the roast, but for my personal taste I might have enjoyed it a tick darker. It is also possible we missed the sweet spot of the roast date, for we opened the bag a little late.

For the espresso I had to work a little to dial it in well, I seemed to always need quite high pressure to make my shots work. The first drinkable shots produced some fresh citrus notes, producing a light and friendly espresso. Here and there a slight sour, but not too disturbing and I have to say, I might have been able to work around the sourness a little better with eve nmore attention to dialing in. Aftertaste turned into a very pleasant bitter dark and nutty, which I found quite surprising for this light roast.