Localroast No8 Blend (Nicaragua, Peru, Guatamala)

250 grams for €7.75, from Localroast.
Ground with Perfetto, Brewed with flair signature
2022, Apr 30

So far, this is my favorite bag of the taster trio I got from localroast. Perfect flow from the perfetto at 1,0, and didn't have any troubles with extracting after the first shot. It's a very easy bean to grind for!

Taste-wise there is a lot more to find in this coffee than the no1 thanks to the blend of 3 origins. It is a very nice balanced blend, weighing in the bitters from the darker beans, the sweets and sours of the lighter beans. It makes me think of a perfectly balanced margerita cocktail, with the sweetness of Fryske Sûkerbôle.

Over all commendable for consistency and reliability. I only had tasty shots with these beans.